Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crazy world: "black friday/black friday deals/black friday sales"

It's one of the crazyest top searh reqest what I can remember. But this huge construction is #2 on Te top google searches in november.

About it wrote:

Official Black Friday 2006 Forum NOW OPEN!

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. The name, Black Friday, was rumored
to be given, because retail stores operated in the red until this extremely busy
day in which they'd sell enough merchandise to be positive. Traditionally, sales
flyers are sent out in the newspaper on Thursday (thanksgiving), when the stores
are closed. The sales usually start on Black Friday morning, and run through
Saturday, and then Sunday, there's another flyer in the normal sunday paper.

And Donna Montaldo create The Top 10 Tips to Getting the Best Bargains on "Black Friday".
Black Friday - The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year: Black Friday falls on
the day after Thanksgiving and has earned the reputation of being the busiest
shopping day of the year. The name was adopted from an accounting term - red ink
denotes a negative profit margin, where as "in the black" denotes a positive
profit margin. Many retailers make or break their sales goals between
Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the season kicking off on the Friday after
Thanksgiving, hence the name "Black Friday."


Happy Camper said...

I counted for a few of those searches :) I found the DealTaker site too, and am addicted to their

But I bet next month the search for black friday will go from #2 to #2,000,000, since it's over! :)

Anonymous said...

Get ready for Black Friday 2007 with - they also have deals, coupons, and free stuff year 'round.