Thursday, December 21, 2006

How to kill the G%gle or if I fight for Microsoft

So, we have the prevailing but frankly saying cheeky company Google as an opponent. Our opponent has diverse interests in Internet, but its main sinecure is bound up however with on-line advertisement.

How to fight with it?

I would produce a plugin for MS Internet Explorer, resembling extension AdBlock for Firefox, that let to block internet-advertisment and contexone.
  1. this plugin should let user to block contents, coming both from the definite domain names and range of IP-adresses, in one-two clicks. Its clear that it should be done so that the user doesn't even think about what is "domain" and what is "IP-adress".
  2. this plugin should be compatible with all versions of IE starting with 5,5.
  3. this plugin should be a part of Windos Update obligatory plant set and for its installation identity check even is not demanded.
  4. to have a possibility to react on-the-fly to competitors' tricks this plugin should periodically renew the list of filters from MS site.
  5. and the last :) from time to time this plugin should admit advertisement from MS to user.

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