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Yahoo!'s Top Search Term for 2006

I don't say that Google is fully representative internet spirit. Today Yahoo! Inc. released its list of the most popular search terms of 2006.

So The Yahoo! Search 2006 Overall Top 10 Searches are:

1. Britney Spears
2. WWE
3. Shakira
4. Jessica Simpson
5. Paris Hilton
6. American Idol
7. Beyonce Knowles
8. Chris Brown
9. Pamela Anderson
10. Lindsay Lohan

"Controversy rocked the lives of several of the stars on this year's Top Search list and The 2006 Yahoo! Top Searches illustrate that people are closely following celebrity happenings and scandals," said Jess Barron, Yahoo! Editor and Buzz Index Guru.

Britney Spears' talent once kept her in the public eye, but this year she nabbed the top spot thanks to a new baby and a divorce filing. Shakira "shakes" her way up to the third position and number four Jessica Simpson separates from Nick Lachey and has a "Public Affair" with crooner John Mayer. Paris Hilton rounds out the top five for making up with reality pal Nicole Richie. The old-timer of the list is 39 year-old Pam Anderson who proves she's still young at heart by tying the knot with Kid Rock three times in a month before calling it quits following less than four months of marriage. In at number 10 for the second year in a row is Lindsay Lohan who admits to a bulimia battle, drug use and a penchant for the single life. In with all the ladies is teen R&B phenomenon Chris Brown, the only male to make this year's list.

"Movers" Rocket to the Top

Movers are Search topics that experience the greatest percentage increase in queries from one day to the next. Often coming out of nowhere, movers momentarily spark public interest and often disappear just as quickly as they arrived. When viewed month by month, they highlight some of the year's hottest news headlines and events. Visitors to the Yahoo! Search 2006 Top Searches Web page can access images and text for the top ten movers for each month that include myriad subjects ranging from specific mainstream happenings to the bizarre.

Yahoo! Search 2006 Top Movers of Each Month:

January Barbara Hershey Boyfriend Naveen Andrews admits to
fathering a love child
February Danish Cartoon Drawings of Muhammad sparked a furor
among Muslims worldwide
March NCAA Brackets B-ball ruled the 'Net
April Cynthia Watros Her Lost character meets a fatal demise
May Jimmy Hoffa The FBI digs up a farm in search of the
former teamster leader's body
June Connie Chung The Web goes wild for video clips of her
off-key swan song
July SexyBack Justin Timberlake's career is back
thanks to a new slamin' single
August Gillian Chung Tabloid Easy Rider publishes photos of
the star changing and celebrities
denounce the pub's irresponsible
September Steve Irwin The world pays tribute to The Crocodile
October Mermaid costumes People "fish" around on the Internet for
Halloween outfit ideas
November Jason Alexander Britney's first ex-husband rises in
popularity as news of her new divorce

Yahoo! Search Top 10 Searched Celebrity Babies

This year famous couples brought little bundles of joy into the world and into the spotlight. Top searched Suri Cruise and number eight, Grier Hammond Henchy, share a birthday. Coincidentally, respective parents Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields had a public spat in 2005 regarding anti-depressants and postpartum depression. Britney's babes Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline, three and four, are the only brothers on the list, while David Banda, in at number six, is the only adoptee tot of the lot.

1. Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes)
2. Shiloh Nouvel (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)
3. Sean Preston Federline (Britney Spears and Kevin Federline)
4. Jayden James Federline (Britney Spears and Kevin Federline)
5. Kingston James McGregor Rossdale (Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale)
6. David Banda (Madonna and Guy Ritchie)
7. Moses Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin)
8. Grier Hammond Henchy (Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy)
9. Barron William Trump (Donald Trump and Melania Knauss)
10. Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern (Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K.

Yahoo! Search Top 10 Searched News Stories

People turn to the Internet and Yahoo! Search as primary sources for hard-hitting information. The tragic passing of Steve Irwin and the mysterious death of Daniel Smith rank as this year's top searched stories. Iraq was a top News Search of 2005 and interest in the Middle East continued in 2006, with conflict in Iraq, the Israel Lebanon conflict and the Saddam Hussein trial all ranking well.

1. Death of Steve Irwin
2. Anna Nicole Smith son dies
3. Conflict in Iraq
4. Israel Lebanon conflict
5. U.S. elections
6. Fidel Castro stroke
7. North Korea Nuclear test
8. Jonbenet Ramsey/John Mark Karr false confession
9. Saddam Hussein trial and death sentence
10. Danish Cartoon protests

Yahoo! Answers Most Answered Questions

In the last year, more than 160 million Answers have been contributed to Yahoo! Answers worldwide. Celebrities topped the list of the top five most answered questions with thousands of answers worldwide.

1. If you were given $1,000 to change the life of a perfect stranger,
what would you do? Asked by Oprah Winfrey - 36859 answers
2. What can we do to make poverty history? Asked by Bono - 29479
3. What do you think happens to your soul when you die? Asked by Dr.
Deepak Chopra - 26817 answers
4. How can the human race survive the next hundred years? Asked by
Dr. Stephen Hawking - 25391 answers
5. Who should I sing a duet with? Asked by Ciara - 14799 answers

Those interested in more "Best of Answers 2006" from Yahoo! Answers can visit http://answers.yahoo.com/best to access an editorially-chosen collection of the most inspiring and helpful questions and answers from Yahoo! Answers users, as well as celebrities and prominent figures who posted their questions on Yahoo! Answers this year.

To see all of this year's Top Searches lists, go to http://buzz.yahoo.com/topsearches2006 or search for "Top Searches 2006" on yahoo.com. Additional categories to those listed in the press release include:

Top 10 Celebrity Searches
Top 10 TV Shows
Top 10 Sports Teams
Top 10 Song Lyrics Searches
Top 10 Movies
Top World Cup Players
Top 10 Blogs/Bloggers
Top 10 Searched Politicians

For the first time, in addition to Top Web Search lists, the Yahoo! Top Searches page will be interactive and will include user generated content top picks from Yahoo! Answers, Flickr and Yahoo! Video. In addition, people can check out social media material including Top Videos from Yahoo! Video, Top "Interestingness" Flickr photos, and Top Answers from Yahoo! Answers.

Of cource, u may visit official Yahoo! site to find original detail :)

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